Sunday, 12 March 2017

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No mother would like to see their children struggle with something difficult or get hurt by doing things on their own - but if we don't let them do it by themselves from now, when will they ever learn?

I admit, I'm a very clingy and do-everything-for-them kind of mom instead of letting them try and do tasks themselves. And ever since I started the #LetThemLearn campaign with Wyeth Nutrition, although it's hard, I learned that it's best for my kids to be independent rather than let them depend on me till they grow older - I mean, until when should they depend on others, right? 

But Kenzo has always been independent, even since he was younger. He'd always brush his own teeth, put on his own clothes and shoes, and feed himself - which, as a mom, made me very kiasu because he'd spill everything everywhere! Haha. Not only does this campaign benefit my children, but it also teaches me to be independent and patient too - I have slowly learned to take everything in a positive way and just let them be because after all, they are just children! 

Now, what I have come to realise is my two boys are very different from each other, not only because of age, but even when Kenzo was Xander's age, they're different. Regarding Brain Smart, Body Smart, and People Smart.. Xander has been a real help around the house! When Kenzo was around Xander's age, he used to mind his own business and play by himself, not much of a people person. But Xander likes to help clean, vacuum and mop the house! And he's very friendly with almost anyone.

As he grows older and as he has learned throughout the campaign, Kenzo becomes friendlier and more polite, well-behaved. He listens well now and does as he is told, although Xander is just as cheeky as he has always been! I am very glad to be a part of this journey and to have actually paid more attention to how my children grow and develop, acknowledging their words and actions, knowing their strengths, their weaknesses and what to improve on.

Thank you again, Wyeth Nutrition and S-MAMA Club! :)


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