Tuesday, 4 July 2017

First-hand experience at Getting Highlands Premium Outlets Soft Launch

On the 15th of June, my family and I had the opportunity to head over to the newly-launched Genting Highlands Premium Outlets on its soft launch day, located just 45 minutes from KL! The road long and winding, the kids were enjoying the "roller-coaster" ride to but slept all the way fro. Tired, of course.

I was expecting a slightly colder breeze, but upon arrival it wasn't super chilly, the weather was just nice. Perfect shopping weather, I could say! There were plenty of stores that was just what we were hoping to find - Aigner, Boss, Baskin Robbins (heaven for the kids!), Coach, Godiva (heaven for kids AND mommy :p), Kate Spade, Moschino, Ralph Lauren, Sacoor Brothers and Victoria's Secret, to name a few, and all up to 65% off daily! I'll let the pictures below do the talking.

We made our rounds, window-shopped and went into stores, and twice even had to go back because I contemplated whether to get the items there or not. But because they were on massive sale and the prices was at such a bargain, hubby gave me the green light to splurge on that day. Love you, hubs! Our next stop was for the kids, a toy store! It was like heaven on earth for them. After they were done grabbing what they wanted, we continued our rounds and saw a playground, so we decided to take a short break and let the kids roam free, playing happily, while mommy sat down and rest. Baskin Robbins were free for the first number of customers so the boys got free ice cream too! Two rounds of ice cream, as they had Godiva earlier. Tsk. 

We took about more than 4 hours there, but you know time goes by so quickly when you're enjoying yourself, we didn't realise that it was already evening. I really love the structure and architecture of the building, I simply can't capture the beauty of the place itself, you have to go there and experience it (and treat) yourself!



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